Babywearing Comfort and Luxury: The Woven Wrap

The Woven Wrap

Welcome back to Babywearing Basics! Today we’re talking about Woven Wraps 🙂

If I had to sum up my initial impression of woven wraps in one word, it would be “intimidating”. This would be closely followed by “complicated” and “expensive”. Thankfully, one company decided to let me put a woven wrap to the test, and boy, did they prove me wrong!

The lovely ladies of Wrapsody sent me a gorgeous Breeze woven wrap to try out with my Halle girl. My first impression: the wrap was beautiful, and VERY high quality. Because the price point of the Wrapsody Breeze is significantly lower than many woven wrap competitor companies, I had worried that I would be sacrificing quality, but that’s definitely not true. As I was told by the Wrapsody team, the fabric started out a little on the stiff and starchy side, but has since worn into a beautiful, comfy wrap, much like breaking in a new pair of sneakers (but without the blisters).

Having used a stretchy wrap in the early newborn days, I was familiar with the basic wrapping technique and figured that the experience would be basically the same. Little did I know that there are SO MANY WAYS to wear a woven wrap! Heart-to-heart carries, forward-facing front carries, back carries, side carries, rebozo carries- the possibilities are practically limitless. You can even carry two babies at once! The best part is how informative the Wrapsody website is- there’s great step-by-step videos that show you how to use each carry and get in and out of it safely. These videos made learning how to use my wrap with confidence so much easier.

Why do I love my Wrapsody Breeze?

It’s incredibly comfortable.

I think my Breeze is actually the most comfortable baby wearing accessory I own, especially for a long carry. In a heart-to-heart carry, you can spread the fabric out across your back and it almost feels like you are wearing a snug t-shirt. Weight is evenly distributed across the back and shoulders, leaving no specific “sore spots” like some other carriers may develop.

The Woven Wrap

It won’t break the bank.

Many woven wraps will cost you upwards of $125, but a brand-new Wrapsody Breeze is just $83. As baby wearing goes, this is completely reasonable, especially considering that this wrap can be used from the newborn days to toddler years.

It’s versatile.

Some days, I need to have my daughter on my back. Others, I just want to cuddle her close to me all day. With the Breeze, I can easily do both!

It’s socially and environmentally responsible.

Not only am I really impressed with the Breeze, but I really appreciate Wrapsody’s company philosophies as well. They are committed to fair labor practices, promoting small businesses, and using eco-friendly materials when available. For more information on Wrapsody’s social responsibility commitments, click here.

It’s pretty!

There’s no denying it, these beautiful wraps look like a work of art when wrapped around you and your baby. I always get so many compliments on my wrap- I feel like a bohemian mama goddess! This carrier is especially great for wedding or for a formal church service.

So, how often do I reach for my woven wrap? It depends on the day. This is the perfect wrap for a long shopping trip, a day out sightseeing, church, a wedding, or doing housework. However, now that I have gotten the hang of wrapping, I will often use this for quick trip to the store as well- even if it takes me an extra moment or two to wrap.

The Woven Wrap
so sunny today!!

If you’re interested in using a woven wrap with your little one, here’s some things for you to think about:


  • Very very comfortable, especially over long periods
  • Almost limitless carry possibilities
  • Breathable
  • Infinitely adjustable to both baby and adult user
  • No sizing needed
  • Folds down fairly small for portability
  • Variety of patterns and colors
  • Come in sustainable/eco-friendly fabrics and dyes


  • Can be pricey, depending on the brand
  • Take some practice to learn different carry wraps and how much room to leave for child
  • Lots of fabric- can be difficult to maneuver if in a hurry (weather outside, need to make a quick trip, etc)
  • Each user must know how to use properly (grandma can’t just pick it up and use it)
Have you ever used a woven wrap? Did you like it?

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