Why I Quit Blogging… But I Might Start Again

It’s been almost 4 years since I started writing this blog….and over 8 months since I’ve posted anything new. It was abrupt, unplanned, and maybe even rude on my part to quit writing without explanation…so today, you’re going to get one.

This blog was born out of a desire to educate my community on what was happening around them and how they, as responsible consumers, could be a part of a change. Originally titled “Feed Me, Feed the World”, the idea behind the blog was to provide information and inspire my readers to think logically about the choices they were making with their lifestyles and intentionally choose to build the kingdom- whether that was with their dollars or their diets. I wanted to bring to light companies that weren’t doing a great job taking care of the earth and it’s inhabitants, and highlight the companies that were. I wanted to share my journey to natural health honestly and candidly, and hopefully give tips and ideas along the way that might be useful to others in their journeys. I wanted it to be organic: unplanned, truthful, and sincere. Somewhere along the line, I lost my way.

What once was an outlet for me to share what I was learning and was passionate about became a way to bring in income and get fun things for my family. While I don’t think there’s anything inherently wrong with this (I actually loved this), it changed the way I wrote and WHY I wrote. I found myself choosing topics that would get traffic, creating blog series based on items I wanted to review, and linking in items to posts so that I could make a bit of money. As I learned more about the business of blogging, my readership grew- and so did the benefits. But I didn’t enjoy it anymore. Suddenly, blogging felt like work- and I felt like I was cheating myself and using my readers.

So, I stopped. I still don’t know if I am starting again- but I am going to try. I am still very put off by the natural health blogging industry right now- the posting of ambiguous Amazon links that leave cookies in your browser, the sponsored content, the camps against each other. Yes, there are still MANY wonderful, amazing bloggers that are blogging full time and doing it well and honestly and passionately, but I have seen too many people who don’t seem to be sharing their hearts and just share their recommendations. I tried it, and it’s not for me. So I’m moving on.

From now on, no more strict schedule. If I write something, it’s because it’s spilling out of my soul and I HAVE to write it. I hope it happens often, but if not- I’m going to practice grace. This isn’t my job anymore. It’s just an outflow of love.

Coming soon- a little rebranding. I don’t have a launch date. No planned content. But changes are coming (lots of them!) coming and they are going to be beautiful. I hope you’ll join me…

What would you like to read about? <3