Confessions of a New Mom

confessions of a new momFor new moms, especially moms transitioning into being stay-at-home moms, there are huge mental hurdles that have to be conquered when it comes to self-worth. I spent my pregnancy building my blog readership, learning all I could about babies and motherhood, and preparing myself for the transition, both physically and mentally- but what I didn’t anticipate was how drastic the change would be on a spiritual/emotional level Of course, having a newborn is a huge change- but for me at least, the changes in my heart have been substantial. Where I find my worth, how I define myself and my success and my day is all new.

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Loving Your Husband With A Newborn At Home

Loving Your Husband With A Newborn At Home
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Ah, February.  The month of love! Having just given birth to my daughter last month (our first!), it became very apparent to me that one of my biggest priorities is to be intentional with my love for my husband- especially now that there’s another little life in our family!

The Lord called me to be his wife first, and my daughter’s mother second. I want to share with you some easy but meaningful ways to show your husband love everyday, but particularly if you’ve got a newborn in the house.

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The Importance of Newborn Photography

The Importance of Newborn Photography

I’m a frugal person- there is no way around it. When my husband and I got married, we planned our entire wedding in 5 weeks and spent about $1500 on the entire thing. It was perfect- a gorgeous outdoor ceremony, historical reception site, family contributions for almost everything. It was meaningful and special in every way. There’s just one problem- I have no professional photos of anything from that day.

In my frugality, I asked friends and family, many of whom owned nice cameras and had ‘photography experience’, to pitch in and document the day. We made the decision not to hire a professional photographer and instead rely on our well-intentioned guests to provide us with lasting memories of the most special day of our lives. BIG MISTAKE.

While this is truly my only regret from our wedding day, it has shaped my decisions about photography as I go forward- namely, I won’t ever let a significant, once-in-a-lifetime event go by without making sure that it’s documented by a professional. My pregnancy, and the birth of our daughter, were the first instance of this- not only is she our first child, but there is never a guarantee that there will be more children. It’s like a wedding- she is only born once. She’s only a tiny newborn for a few short weeks. It wouldn’t happen again. I couldn’t let the opportunity slip away!

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5 Reasons to Eat Seasonally

5 Reasons to Eat With The Seasons

While I have always been a lover of good food, it wasn’t until college that I really became aware of the many issues surrounding the food industry and tried to make positive changes in my own life. One of the first changes I decided to make was really making a conscious effort to eat with the seasons- which, doing my undergrad in South Florida, wasn’t actually all that difficult. It wasn’t until I moved back up north three years ago that I really learned just how important eating with the seasons can be!

The basic premise is this: rather than going to your supermarket and picking up whatever produce you desire on a certain day, you learn what is already growing in your region during that time of year and stick to those items instead- better yet, get them straight from the local farmer! Given that the produce is able to be grown locally, chances are that the food will have travelled less of a distance, be grown to better standards (hopefully organically), and the chances of corruption or unfair business practices are far less than buying out of season produce.

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