As a certified Social Media Marketing Strategist, I have been blessed to build my essential oils business quickly and easily using the knowledge of marketing and social media savvy I have brought to the table!

I am happy to offer 1-hour personal consulting sessions to serve you and your essential oil business needs. This includes:

–>Analyzing your current strategy

–>Choosing the proper social media channels for you

–>Creating a posting schedule you can stick to

–>Honing in on your passion and creating your niche

–>Identifying potential cross-marketing partners

–>Custom hashtag list based on your “ideal client”

–>List of productivity tools to help you achieve your goals

–>Encouragement and advice!

Consulting is available based on my schedule and availability. Initial sessions are $75/hr and additional sessions are available for $50/hr.

Ready to get started? Email and let’s get you scheduled!