Pregnancy & The Beauty of Grace

Hello again, friends!

As you can see clearly by scrolling down for about 5 seconds, I haven’t blogged at all since before I was pregnant.  The past six months have been a roller coaster for me health-wise, beginning with a scary month of medical testing that ended with my right ovary and fallopian tube being removed, continuing on to miraculously getting pregnant less than a month later, and…well, here we are, almost 22 weeks along with our sweet baby girl!


When I found out I was pregnant, I had grand plans of continuing my health and exercise plans all the way through my pregnancy- juicing each morning, whole foods at each meal, yoga three times a week, basically chaturanga-ing my way to the birth of my child.  Boy, was I in for a surprise! While I felt excellent for the first few weeks, around 5.5 weeks I woke up with nausea and vomiting and literally didn’t stop until 13 weeks- no matter what hour of the day. If I so much as thought about juice, vegetables, or exercise I would throw up.  All my body could handle was carbohydrates and dairy, normal “nausea killers” made my nausea worse, and it was really all I could do to get out of bed in the morning.  It was honestly hard not to feel depressed or tell myself that I was a bad mother– I wanted so desperately to be giving my baby the active, healthy mom that she deserved, but my body quite literally couldn’t handle it.

I think that’s the first big lesson I learned through pregnancy- grace abounds! It didn’t matter that I laid on the couch all day and more or less subsisted on organic spaghetti-o’s (I promise I only ate organic ones!), my baby was still growing strong and healthy, and my nutrient levels remained optimal. When I was too tired to even stand through one song during Sunday morning worship, the Lord met me as I journaled, seated in the back of the sanctuary where I could run to the bathroom if needed.  And by the time I was able to return to my yoga practice in the second trimester, I found that much of my strength and flexibility remained.  Grace.


Throughout my pregnancy, I have really struggled with trusting the Lord to provide for Matt and I, particularly as we look forward to next year when our sweet girl arrives.  Many of the decisions that we have made regarding care for our daughter, or things that we want to strive for, are not the cheapest options, though we are confident in our choices and that the Lord will bless them.  But I really can’t pretend that I haven’t been plagued with the thought that maybe I can’t be the mother that I feel I should be because I don’t have the money to buy the quality of things I think are best for her.  This has led to all kinds of sin in my heart- jealousy, bitterness, frustration, not trusting the Lord. And yet, as the weeks have gone by, I have seen time and time again where the Lord has provided these things for us- many things I thought I would never be able to have, like a wooden high chair, baby carriers, or cloth diapers.  He has eased my mind along with this, revealing my sins and showing me that His grace and love is the best standard for what a mother should be, and that I will rob myself of joy if I hold myself to any other standard, no matter how rational it may seem.  He has taught me to be honest in my weaknesses, that His strength may be made perfect instead.

All of this to say- I have learned, and am certainly still learning, a lot about myself, the Lord, and motherhood! There are SO MANY decisions to make, and sometimes trying to navigate all of the options is overwhelming and scary, particularly when trying to make sound, Christlike decisions that reflect a respect for the body and for creation.  I hope to walk through my pregnancy health experience, book reading,  and decision-making on this blog in the next few months as I continue to learn through the Lord’s grace.  I welcome your advice, opinions, and experiences, as I pray that you welcome mine.  I hope that you, or maybe someone you know, will be encouraged, challenged, or enlightened.  Above all, I pray that you see the Love that is the standard for all I am striving for, and that we might point one another to His likeness!

Humbly Yours,

WATCH THIS: No Impact Man

One of the very first documentaries I viewed after getting Netflix a few years back was No Impact Man.  Recommended to me at work by a fellow health nut, I was surprised and challenged by this family’s brave quest.

The premise of the documentary (and corresponding book of the same title) is that the Beavan family (husband, wife, and child) attempt to live with no environmental impact for an entire year- while residing in the middle of Manhattan.  Many challenges arise, from transportation (bikes become a favorite) to food sourcing (how can you eat locally?) to what to do about toilet paper (do they ever answer that one?).

The participants are very honest about their feelings during the experiment, and how it affects them in life afterwards as well.  It’s quite entertaining to see the whole family stomping laundry in the tub, or experimenting with ancient preservation techniques in lieu of a refrigerator.  They even go to visit the farms (just outside of NYC) where most of their food was coming from.   There is great dialogue interspersed about different industries (dairy and “organics” being two big ones) that may change the way you think about things, too.  This film changed that way I view “antibiotic free” labeling.

While I know that not everyone can live like this family, I love that they inspired little changes in my life, and caused me to question what I could do differently to lessen my environmental impact.  After seeing this, Matt and I started walking to the grocery store when we could, and using cut up old tees instead of paper towels for small messes.  We also made use of power strips so that we can turn off unnecessary electronics when we are gone for an extended time.  We might not live without refrigeration, but we certainly were moved to make changes where we could.  If you have a free night, I highly suggest watching this film- you wont regret it!

Lessening impact alongside you this weekend,