TED Talk Tuesday: Can We Eat To Starve Cancer?

Today’s TED Talk may be a little more academic than most, but I found it to be fascinating.  It’s no secret that diet is a contributor to cancer prevalence and healing (among many other things), but the science in Mr. Li’s presentation makes a convincing argument that we should really be examining the power in what we are eating! Enjoy 🙂

TED Talk Tuesday: 100 Days of Rejection

Welp, so much for a new blog series- post twice and then miss two weeks? Clearly I’m doing well. Sickness and travel got the best of me for a bit, but TTT is back with a quirky and inspiring video that might encourage you to step out of your comfort zone!  Jia Jiang makes the best of a difficult situation and learns some surprising lessons along the way.  A heartwarming and intriguing 12 minutes!