Heroes & Zeroes: An Introduction

As a believer in the gospel of Jesus Christ, I believe that I have the responsibility to make sure that each dollar that I spend is supporting the work of individuals that are bettering the world and upholding moral standards and ‘kingdom values’ of Christ.  As a good friend once asked me, ‘what good is it to tithe 10% in the name of justice and love, and give the other 90% to the oppressors?”  It is questions like these that should convict us and cause us to take a deeper look at where our money is going.


What makes a company ‘worth supporting’?  There are many facets to this question.  In this column, I intend to feature companies that are making the world a better place- this does not necessarily mean that they are Christian companies (in fact, many of them are not- which should show the Christian business world that they need to step up to the plate) but it means that these companies are holding themselves to standards of ethics and sustainability that should allow believers to feel comfortable knowing that their dollars are not funding any type of sinful or negligent practices.  This could be within the realm of environmental sustainability, ethical business practices, structures within companies that promote overall human equality, fare wages and working environments, response to public criticism, money given back to the community or charity, public disclosure, and countless other categories.


The fact is, many of the convenient locations that we spend our money are causing a direct negative impact on the lives of our brothers and sisters around the world.  Yes, there is a famine in Africa right now.  Yes, there is drought.  But is there a lack of food in the world?  Of course not.  Ghandi once wisely stated, ‘there is enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed’.  I believe that many Americans, including myself, make everyday choices, such as eating a steak or an imported food item, that cause (through a long chain of events) things like famine in Somalia to happen.  But I also believe that, through education about these choices, we can make change happen, too.


This column will hopefully inspire you to make each shopping decision mindfully, whether something as large as what airline to fly or as small as what toilet paper to use.  I will feature a specific product or genre, along with a brand to support and a brand to avoid within that category!


Have something you would like to see featured, or a specific question about a company or industry?  Leave it in the comments!

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