Solid Toothpaste?

One of the last things that I converted to “natural” branding was toothpaste. I remember thinking to myself, “I’m using all of these natural shampoos, lotions, soaps, but then I’m using conventional toothpaste? Is there even an option?”. For a while, there really weren’t any great options that were readily available to the public. Now, however, a trip to the nearest grocery store will often present you with a plethora of “natural” toothpaste options. Tom’s, Trader Joe’s, even Burt’s Bees are all producing their own lines of natural toothpaste in all the usual flavors. Add in the fluoride or no fluoride debate and picking a toothpaste can get a little overwhelming! Today, however, I want to introduce you to one product that is revolutionizing the toothpaste industry: the Toothy Tab.

It’s no secret that I am a big fan of Lush products, having worked for the company and used their products for quite some time now. I have to admit, though- I was skeptical about these guys. Toothy Tabs are the world’s first solid toothpaste- comprised of baking soda, essential oils, and flavors, the tabs foam up as you chew them, giving you a great lather to brush your teeth with. I actually find that I can bite a tab in half and it’s plenty for me- and they last twice as long.

The abrasive nature of the baking soda makes this a safe and natural way to whiten teeth but remain gentle enough for sensitive smiles. The absence of water allows these tabs to be made preservative free, so you can be sure that you aren’t ingesting anything funky when you’re trying to get clean. Even better, Toothy Tabs come in a tiny, compostable box that allows for virtually no waste!

The best part of Toothy Tabs is the impressive and creative litany of flavors:

Sparkle- vanilla, lemon, and grapefruit
Chou Chou I Love You- rose and lemon
Dirty-spearmint and neroli
Atomic- coffee, cinnamon, and clove
Breath of God- sandalwood, vanilla, fennel
Ultrablast- mint and wasabi
Aquatic- earl grey, lime, and jasmine

While some of these may be too adventurous for your taste-literally!-Dirty is a great mint flavor that will please anyone (I can personally attest to this). While wasabi flavored toothpaste scares me to death, I am currently using rose and lemon flavored Chou Chou and it is incredible! I love the taste. I have also read testimonies of pregnant women who would get sick from minty toothpaste but tried these alternative flavors and were able to curb the morning sickness. Of course, any Lush store will be happy to give you a sample so you don’t buy one you hate. I want to try Sparkle next!

Sending fresh breath and pretty smiles your way,

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