TED Talk Tuesday: “How I Fell In Love With A Fish”

I’ve developed a new pre-bedtime routine over the past week that had given me a great idea for the blog! Every night, I pick a TED talk and do all of pregnancy exercises and stretches while I watch, finishing up by slathering the ever-swelling belly with vitamin E oil and shea butter.

If you’ve never heard of TED, get familiar.  The organization holds events and brings in expert, entertaining speakers on a wide variety of different subjects and has them give short yet informative talks to the audiences, while taping them for all the world to enjoy!  Every talk I watch, I learn, grow, and question. I want to share these talks with you in my new series called TED Talk Tuesday!

This talk is one of my all-time favorites.  Not only does it talk about the downfalls of the fishing industry, but it captures your attention as it details a revolutionary alternative.  Dan Barber is a captivating and vivacious speaker, and I want to watch every talk he gives! But for now, enjoy this one…

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