Taking Initiative Within Your Church Family

Taking Initiative Within Your Church Family- via Feed Me, Mama!

I think that the church today a serious problem with ‘the grass being greener’. I’m a victim, too- I get excited and inspired when I see what other area churches are doing- easter egg hunts for kids, drive thru nativities, open art studios, various ministries and studies and groups, etc. It’s amazing the things that churches are doing for the glory of the Lord!

It’s really easy to cast blame- on many different places. Maybe it’s because your church doesn’t have the right building. Maybe it’s because theres only so many positions to be filled within the existing ministries. Maybe it’s your leadership’s fault. Maybe it’s that one person who dropped the ball on that big project’s fault. Maybe everyone is too busy. No- I think we have a bigger problem.

We have no initiative.

We are so busy looking around at everyone else and pointing fingers that we don’t realize that we are called to become the answer to our own prayers! When we see a need that needs to be filled, our job isn’t to wallow in pity for the people who will be affected, or make excuses that it “isn’t our gifting”, no- our job is to FILL that NEED. If we have ministries that we would like to see in our church, our job isn’t to expect the leadership to read our minds and make it happen for us on top of everything else that they are doing- our job is to get out of our seat and become that leader. Our job is to serve. To worship. To build the Kingdom, to build community.

I heard a quote recently that really struck a chord with me, particularly in thinking about our church. “When you feel that the grass is greener, your call is probably to water the grass you’re standing on.” How incredibly convicting! How many times to we neglect our own responsibility and simply look on to more attractive things and get stuck in a cycle of self pity?

So what is it that you’re longing to see? What are you yearning to be a part of? What are you passionate about?

Does it break your heart that theres so few youth workers, or nursery workers, or worship leaders? What are you doing about it?

Do you wish you had more church-wide fellowship opportunities? Could you and a few friends plan one?

Is there a study that you would like to see led? Could you lead it?

Do you want to see more small groups or home-based fellowships within your church? Could you open up your home and start one?

Want to see a group for people of similar interests or vocations- maybe for people who own their own businesses, or MOPS, or adoptive parents? Could you talk to those other people and set a date?

The call to action is simply at this point- ACT. Just get going! Make things happen! Bring the vibrancy that you long to see in your congregation into fruition. Take your passion and turn it into a blessing for others. Take your God-given gifts and use them to build up the church like you’re supposed to. Remember that the church is NOT a building, its a COMMUNITY, and it’s everywhere. It’s you, it’s me, it’s all of us, and it only functions properly when we are all being obedient. Go!

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