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I have no idea what to think about Halloween. Especially entering into this new season of life as a parent, my thoughts are all over the map! I grew up as a kid celebrating Halloween, with memories of epic candy swaps t my neighbors house and pillowcases brimming with artificial sweeteners and plastic wrappers. I had my share of costumes- a hippie, a flapper, Esmerelda, even a witch one year- but it all seemed pretty harmless to me.

I have friends, though, who see Halloween very differently. They grew up with a keen realization of the spiritual realms behind the holiday, and so choose not to celebrate it. I have a ton of respect for this, and it’s caused me to do a lot of thinking about how I want to handle Halloween after my daughter is born. I’m still not totally sure how I’m going to handle it (I mean, what will be cuter than dressing up my 10-month old next year?), but I wanted to share some blogs that got me thinking in the past few weeks. These range from spiritual looks at Halloween to alternative treats to serve to your children- and a little fun in between. Make sure you watch the video at the end- I laughed so hard!

Now, please enjoy this photo of me dressed as the solar system for a costume party last week. Get it? đŸ™‚


Amber at Whole New Momma shares 10 Kid-Approved Alternatives To Candy, including some recipes and great companies! I’m especially partial to the homemade peanut butter cups and the YumEarth Organic fruit snacks.

Christy from Whole Foods on a Budget shares thoughts on sugar during the holidays (and not having a righteous attitude about it) over on GNOWFGLINS in a 2-part post called The Great Sugar Deluge.

Angie from Leaving a Legacy shares her story of struggling with how to celebrate Halloween with her children, and the ultimate decision to live by grace and leave a legacy of prayer and the pursuit of holiness. She also shares her thoughts on redeeming Halloween in her post about The Pumpkin Gospel. 

Gabby at MamaGab shares her perspective on witchcraft, costumes, a Christian approach to Halloween, and avoiding a ‘holier than thou’ attitude in her post, My Friend, The Witch.

Barry at Stacy Makes Cents shares a quick and to the point 5 Minutes on Halloween highlighting the basic reasons that he and his family choose to forgo the holiday.

Lindsey at The Road to 31 offers a look at 4 Thing Halloween Teaches Children, including alternative celebrations and scripture to support her assertions.

Brenda of Mom Prepares offers some practical tips for families who don’t celebrate Halloween in her post, Turn Off The Porch Light.

Jamie of The Unlikely Homeschool chronicles her family’s journey from celebrating, to avoiding, to redeeming Halloween in their home in this post.

Perhaps my favorite post, I completely adore this All Hallow’s Eve celebration shared by Jessica at Shower of Roses! The children dressed up as saints, gave little presentations about their saints, prayed together, and played harvest games. It’s adorable, it’s educational, and it looks like there was a lot of food and fun, too!

And now, a humorous look into my children’s future…


Leaving a Legacy
The Unlikely Homeschool

3 thoughts on “Thoughts on Halloween: Blog Roundup

  1. Before I read all their opinions on Halloween, I’d like to voice mine along with other holidays.
    First, because my birthday is practically on Halloween, I have a stronger love for halloweeen than most. I grew up having a Halloween birthday party every year. Since being with Tyler, we have dressed up almost every year as a matching pair. Firefighters, Lucy and Ricky Ricardo, to this year with the boys as curious George. In the past, we would go to haunted houses nearly every weekend in October because I think they are so much fun. Now we don’t because I hate leaving the boys and they cost a fortune. Anyway, yes Halloween is a pagan holiday about the dead but like all holidays, it’s what you make of it. To us, it’s a fun day to dress as something NOT scary and show it off and get free candy. I can see where Christians are torn but I don’t see the harm in being something fun and getting candy, you aren’t worshiping the dead. Christmas, to Christians is about Jesus and his birthday so it is hard for me to understand how Christians tie in Santa. When Christians state “its about the true meaning of Christmas, it’s about Jesus” I’m scratching my head wondering why they are bothering to lie to their kids about a jolly ol man though. I hate the whole Santa thing (but I had to compromise with my husband and we don’t do Jesus because he doesn’t believe in Jesus, and he’s not Jewish). Now Easter, another pagan holiday later adopted by Christians. It’s a fertility holiday. If as a Christian you are celebrating the resurrection of Jesus, why are you then giving your kids a basket of candy and searching for eggs. So my question is, if a Christian is willing to celebrate the pagan holiday part of Easter, why wouldnt you celebrate Halloween which is also pagan. Finally, each holiday we do is based off of how we want to do it in our family. Halloween isn’t about the dead (for us), Christmas isn’t about Jesus or an elf watching us and causing chaos (not in our family), Easter is not about Jesus or a giant bunny (for us). I think you create your own meaning and make your own traditions. Just my opinion as a non Christian who believes in God but refuses to go with the grain đŸ™‚

    1. I totally agree. I absolutely hate how Christians demonize (literally) Halloween and then don’t look at the roots of other holidays- especially Easter. If we are going to rebel against one holiday, we should rebel against the pagan aspects of all holidays (I feel another blog brewing…) I think the whole Santa thing sucks and is distracting and we won’t be doing that with our kids- which should be interesting given that would be a first for both of our families!

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