The FEED ME MAMA Gift Guide: For the Ladies!

The FEED ME MAMA Gift Guide: For the Ladies! Eco-friendly and socially responsible gifts for all the women in your life.

Do you have a woman or two in your life that you just can’t figure out a gift for? Personally, I think men are the most difficult people to shop for- though any man will tell you that they are easy, and that it’s women that are the most difficult! Well, no matter what side you fall on, here’s a compilation of some of my favorite responsible, eco-friendly companies with gifts for the ladies! Get your gift list out and start crossing out names! (Don’t worry, men’s gifts are tomorrow!)

This post does contain affiliate links.  When you purchase through these links, there is no extra cost to you, but I do receive a small amount of commission, which allows me to keep writing! Many, many thanks for your support, friends 🙂

Julep Beauty Inc.

Julep Nail Products– No lie, I have Julep polish on my fingers right now, and it’s about all I’ve let myself use since I’ve been pregnant. Their ‘4-free’ formula gives you beautiful colors and long lasting finish without the nasty chemicals of many commercial polish brands. Is it perfect? No, but it’s a start. They have great gift sets, as well as a monthly subscription program. You can get your first month free when you use the code ‘FREEBOX’ 🙂


Onzie Workout Gear– this is a bright, fun line of workout clothes (specifically bent towards yoga and pilates) that is 100% american made and designed. Many different styles and cuts, so you’re sure to find something perfect for the yogi in your life!

greenola style

Greenola Style Clothing and Accessories– This company was new to me this year, but I really appreciate their direction and transparency. The products range from very fashion-forward dresses and turban headbands to more traditional/ethnic jewelry. All of their products are designed in Chicago, but manufactured in cooperatives in Cochabamba, Bolivia and Nairobi, Kenya. All of the women in the coops are paid a true living wage, and most of them are women who would otherwise not have a voice or a way of bringing in income for their families.

Conscious Box– here’s another company that I featured last year as well, but it’s just a really great gift. There are so many product subscriptions out there, but this one seems to rise above. Each box contains a variety of different all-natural products, from food to beauty to health, each with a eco- or socially-conscious bend. buy one box or save when you buy a subscription!

karlie african proverb

Karlie Pickett Artwork– Karlie is a dear friend and creates unique, vibrant, fun art sold on Society6! The beauty of Society 6 is that you can select a piece of art you enjoy, and then decide what you want printed- a card, an iphone case, a wall hanging- it’s all in your hands! Karlie’s art is fun and carefree, and would brighten anyone’s day this holiday season. I particularly love the African proverb design above!


Tan Can Co– This is actually a local company, but I figured it’s really geared more towards women so I’d put it here instead. My friends, Kelly and Mark, own Tan Can, and let me tell you- I am super pale, and sensitive to chemicals, and this stuff is the best. It smells amazing, looks natural, doesn’t streak, and could technically be certified organic if it wouldn’t cost them so much dang money! The ‘tan can challenge’ could be an especially useful gift for the sun-worshipper on your list.

maggies organics

Maggie’s Organics– I was first introduced to this company when they did a small giveaway at The Justice Conference this spring. I got a super soft pair of Maggie’s socks and I absolutely love them! From the company: “At Maggie’s Organics / Clean Clothes our mission is to produce and provide comfortable, durable, affordable and beautiful articles of apparel and accessories made from materials that restore, sustain and enhance the resources, including human, from which they are made.”


DoTERRA’s Family Physician Kit- for the woman who likes to take charge of her family’s health, I can’t think of a better gift. The kit, a collection of 10 essential oils, is designed to help treat anything that you would normally treat with an over-the-counter medication, but with essential oils instead. In addition, each oil has a variety of uses, from cleaning to cooking to weight loss to cancer prevention. This is an amazingly empowering gift set, and any women would be lucky to own it! Please contact me to order, or shop online here.

LUSHLUSH Handmade Cosmetics– Full disclosure, I used to work for LUSH, but they will always make it onto my gift guide because of how awesome the company is and how amazingly fun the products are. My job at LUSH is arguably what gave me my start in learning about herbs and oils, and bent me towards an appreciation for all things natural. They use well-sourced ingredients, minimal packaging, and strive to make their products as natural as possible. There are even some that have specific charity proceeds. Every product they make is to die for- if you have any questions, let me know, I am still pretty well versed!

lgh vibrant

Light Gives Heat– though the organization is going through a transition phase right now, Light Gives Heat continues to make beautiful products and benefit the women of Uganda that are making them. Many of their products are on sale right now as they begin to transition, so hurry and grab them while you can!

Great Places To Shop:

Mighty Nest– This is absolutely my new favorite go-to place to find fun things for my home (and for me)! Not only do they have an excellent selection of kid’s toys and baby things, but they specialize in green living items for the kitchen and home. I was just gifted with soem of their double-walled porcelain coffee tumblers and some glass food storage containers, and I can’t say enough about them!

Roozt- you’ll find many companies featured in this year’s gift guides also for sale at Roozt. This is a great outlet site for organizations and conscious brands to get their names and products out to consumers- and for consumers to score them for less. You can search based on “humanitarian gifts”, “eco-friendly gifts”, and more! Anything from body products to jewelry to belts to tees.

PS. I Adore You– This site partners with artists to bring in high-quality products at discounted prices, in the name of fighting childhood cancer.  They often feature popular Etsy sellers and hard-to-find products!

Brickyard Buffalo– Similar to PS I Adore You, this site rotates in products regularly and offers them at discounted prices. they feature everything from instant art downloads to pretty jewelry to hair extensions! I have seen very popular artists be featured on the Buff- it’s a site I check daily!

Dayspring– This is an impressively curated collection of inspirational books and gifts.  Great for a grandmother, Sunday school teacher, pastor’s wife, professor, etc.  Really beautiful products!

Zulily– This site rotates in products each week, but you can’t beat the deals! They always have a great selection of women’s clothing and jewelry at discounted prices, in addition to nice home and gift items. Great for men and children, too!

Etsy– This is a no brainer! Girls love jewelry, and no matter what her style, you can find something beautiful on Etsy. The great thing about Etsy is that it connects you directly to artisans- there isn’t any greed-crazed corporate middle man to deal with, just you and the creator. Now, in terms of materials or ingredient sourcing, you’ll have to investigate each shop to make sure that they fit your responsibility standards.

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