The FEED ME MAMA Gift Guide: For Men Only

the FEED ME MAMA Gift Guide- For Men Only! Eco-friendly and socially responsibly gifts for men

As I said in yesterday’s women’s guide, I totally think that men are the hardest to shop for. Maybe it’s because my husband isn’t particularly into power tools or sports, but it takes a lot of thought and effort for me to find a good gift! Putting together this gift guide was a great start this year, however- these companies offer top-notch products and all find a way to be sustainable or give back. Hooray!

This post does contain affiliate links.  When you purchase through these links, there is no extra cost to you, but I do receive a small amount of commission, which allows me to keep writing! Many, many thanks for your support, friends 🙂

WeWOOD Watches– this is one of my all-time favorite gifts for men. My dapper friend Austin wears a WeWOOD watch and, well, when Austin wears something, you take note. WeWOOD not only makes beautiful, sustainably sourced watches out of many different styles and colors of wood, but the company plants a tree with each watch purchased! Here’s a word from the company themselves: “Completely absent of artificial and toxic materials, the WeWOOD Timepiece is as natural as your wrist. It respects your skin as you respect nature by choosing it. Your WeWOOD Watch breathes the same air that you breathe and may awaken memories from another time and place. Your WeWOOD Watch records your sensations and shares your experiences as the perfect natural mate, whose story also becomes yours to wear, smell and feel.” For every watch you buy, you are planting a tree, and you should be proud. You can print a personalized WeWOOD Certificate of Donation on behalf of yourself or a loved one.

Fed By Threads– While I haven’t actually seen any of these products firsthand, I am thrilled to be partnering with them as an affiliate for my blog! Fed By Threads has coined themselves as the first ‘vegan, US made clothing line’, making quality clothing and accessories (including my favorite, baby clothes) while using proceeds to feed people throughout the US. Fed By Threads has “set out to inspire change & get us back to the roots of what America stands for: generosity, community, feeding the hungry, and making real goods for our national economy. Let’s stop outsourcing jobs. Let’s stop destroying the environment. Let’s stop blaming the hungry for being hungry. We sacrifice profits to feed hungry Americans, revitalize U.S. garment manufacturing to create jobs, & use sustainable fabrics to protect our environment.  That is why Fed By Threads is the first and only humanitarian, sustainable, US-made clothing line & store in America that feeds 12 emergency meals to hungry Americans from each item sold.”

SOLO Eyewear– You know those men who just can’t have enough accessories? Watches, sunglasses, belts to match every outfit? SOLO eyewear was designed with that man in mind. Their sunglasses are high-end surf shop quality, but their message is brilliant: proceeds from each purchase go towards surgeries to restore vision and give prescription eyewear to those in need around the world. Since launching in 2011, SOLO has restored vision for 9,094+ people in need across 19 countries and it’s only the beginning. With the support of a stellar team, Jenny and Dana are leading the vision restoring efforts at SOLO. Their goal for 2013 is to restore vision for 12,000 people in need by funding prescription eyeglasses and cataract surgeries. SOLO Eyewear is a line of handcrafted sunglasses made with recycled bamboo. Each pair purchased funds eye care for people in need.

Freaker USA– Listen. I love my Freakers. I have to drink an unbelievable amount of water as a pregnant woman and Freakers make it just that much more fun- however, I have found that Freakers probably appeal more to men than women? Maybe? I don’t know. Freakers are designed & manufactured in North Carolina. They are truly ONE-SIZE-FITS all bottle insulators- keeping your hands dry and your drinks cold. They literally fit on any container-a baby bottle, a sippy cup, a Nalgene, an alcoholic beverage (not for me though), a vase, a 40-oz of green tea- you name it, you can Freak it.

The FEED ME MAMA Gift Guide- GIFTS FOR MEN- Eco-Friendly and Socially Responsibly gifts!

Rustic Handmade– These tie clips are a beautiful gift for a special man in your life- and at the price point, they could even be a stocking stuffer! All tie clips are made of high quality recycled woods from custom furniture, and proudly made in the USA.

Imperial Barber Grade Products– My husband laughed out loud at me for featuring this company on the guide- he says that ‘real men are bearded men’. However, I know that the beardiness just doesn’t work for everyone, and so, I give you Imperial Grade Barber Products. The team behind IMPERIAL BARBER PRODUCTS USA has spent a combined 26 years in the Los Angeles and New York City barber culture. They embrace and support classic American men’s grooming with utilitarian products grounded in heritage and functionality because they use them every day in the field. All products are American made!

The FEED ME MAMA Gift Guide- GIFTS FOR MEN- Eco-Friendly and Socially Responsibly gifts!

Barnabas Clothing Company: A super-encouraging clothing line, best described straight from the company: “In a culture overrun with violent images and messages of settling for society’s standard of what is ‘normal’, we at BARNABAS want to say something different. We say: ‘Be bold and courageous!’ And we want to encourage anyone and everyone to be fearless in making choices that make a difference in their life as well as those around them. We think the best way to get that message out is to be examples of this message and be intentional about living our lives with purpose and action – to LIVE A LIFE WORTH IMITATING. So, BARNABAS is more than a brand or a logo — it’s an identity and lifestyle. The actual meaning of the name is “Son of Encouragement,” and here at BARNABAS we see our purpose as just that – To be people of encouragement in every aspect of our lives – with what we say, what we do and even with the clothes we wear. And with our intent to build a solid brand, we want to lead the charge of change by donating 10% of all our sales here at Barnabas Clothing to an organization that continues to inspire us: The Living Room International. Purchase a gift for yourself or someone else and you directly give a gift to those in Western Kenya, Africa!”

The FEED ME MAMA Gift Guide- GIFTS FOR MEN- Eco-Friendly and Socially Responsibly gifts!

Bamboo Skateboards– Bamboo Skateboards is an ecologically-based skateboard brand and manufacturer of high quality skateboards made from sustainable bamboo from managed forests. We are social entrepreneurs who believe that giving back to our communities is as equally important as profits. We service core shops, brands and individuals around the globe while providing a solidified partnership and unique experience with each. We have been a part of action sports and skateboarding our whole lives and now passionately hope to inspire others to take actionable steps towards our preserving our natural environment.

The FEED ME MAMA Gift Guide- GIFTS FOR MEN- Eco-Friendly and Socially Responsibly gifts!

Skyline Socks: Socks are one of the most vital and overlooked articles of clothing that people need. They are a basic necessity that everyone should have, but unfortunately that’s not always the case. A report done by TIME Magazine found that 1 in 50 children in America are homeless, and many more living below the poverty line need assistance with basic needs. Together we can put smiles on children’s faces in need by giving them a brand new pair of socks. We can make a difference by providing socks for those in need. We partner with non-profits across the country to donate to those most in need. Some of the examples of locations are, youth centers & underprivileged youth, hospitals, homeless centers, women’s centers & Title 1 Schools.

TOAST Tech Accessories– TOAST is founded on the simple idea of bringing clever solutions and natural materials to our hi-tech world. TOAST products are proudly made in Portland, Oregon. We use only renewable energy and donate one percent of our sales to environmental non-profits working to restore, protect and create a healthy planet. Phone covers, MacBook covers, really awesome!

The FEED ME MAMA Gift Guide- GIFTS FOR MEN- Eco-Friendly and Socially Responsibly gifts!

Pocket Square Clothing– Pocket Square Clothing takes pride in its domestic manufacturing and attention to detail. Using traditional techniques, everything is carefully handcrafted by some of the oldest remaining craftsmen in the heart of Los Angeles. Each piece comes with a narrative and fully handcrafted vintage inspired packaging. The brand follows the mantra that American made is better, and that quality and attention to detail is key.  Great finds for the dapper gent in your life. Knit ties, skinny ties, bow ties, pocket squares- it would be hard not to find something totally classy and lovable in this American-made collection.

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  1. Karli, this is seriously one of the most helpful blog posts I have ever read in my life. Thanks for researching and sharing!!

    I also recommend checking out Mercy Supply, a hand crafted leather company in west Michigan! I think they’d fit nicely on this list.

  2. Well #1 Imperial Grade Barber Products has pictures of men with beards and great hair so I think they should be acceptable by your hubby 😉
    #2 Do you know of any responsible businesses that sell leather goods or metal goods? Such as wallets, briefcases, gloves, straight edge razors, rings, tie clips etc?

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