Sleep, Stress, and Stretch Marks: Tools to Survive Late Pregnancy [WishGarden Herbs Review!]

Sleep, Stress, and Stretch Mark: Tools to Survive Late Pregnancy feat. WishGarden Herbs

A few weeks ago, I was blessed to receive a generous package in the mail of herbal pregnancy support formulas from WishGarden Herbs. They chose so wisely, too- I have used every one in the past few weeks! There are so many different symptoms of pregnancy, and each woman experiences it entirely different- some women will have two completely different pregnancies back to back, too. It helps to have companies like WishGarden that are formulating quality products so that we have a place to turn when things get rough!

The first product I dove into was a bottle of Pregnant Belly Oil, which seems normal enough though it is an interesting forest green color. The oil is surprising, though, in how moisturizing it is and how little of it you actually need to cover your belly! The smell takes some getting used to- it isn’t off-putting, but it’s definitely herbal and a little savory- I can’t exactly place the smell, but it’s pleasant and mild. I have to say, I really love how it makes my belly feel- smooth and supple, soft and pliable. At almost 35 weeks, I don’t have one single stretch mark 🙂 The ingredients include: Elderflower, Bee Pollen resin, Comfrey root, Almond Oil , Jasmine Essential Oil , Vitamin E Oil.

The second I have only used sparingly, but with great effect- Stress Relief for Pregnancy, an anti-stress herbal tincture. Thankfully, life has not been incredibly stressful lately, but there have been several different times that have brought me to a point where I felt like I needed a boost for emotional support, and that’s when I used the tincture. The taste is very mild, too- I barely notice it in the water! Two droppersful of the tincture in a small glass of water, and I truly felt calmer and more in control of my emotions within the next half hour. While I don’t think that the strength would hold off a panic attack, I think that for basic emotional support and to ‘take the edge off’ of a stressful day, the tincture is very effective. My husband has even used it in a pinch! The ingredients include: Lemon Balm leaf, Linden leaf and flower, Passionflower aerials, Milky Oat tops vegetable glycerin, rocky mountain spring water and organic gluten free alcohol.

Finally, I received a bottle of Sleepy Nights for Pregnancy, a sleep tincture. Lack of sleep and insomnia plagues up to 75% of pregnant women, and I certainly have not escaped that statistic. I do employ a wonderful essential oil blend that I love and does help me fall asleep well and, for the most part, stay asleep, if something happens that completely wakes me- I am awake for a long, long time. However, when this happens, I will take two droppersful of the sleep tincture in a small glass of water, and I usually can fall back to sleep within ten minutes- a stark contrast to the two hours that I would normally average! Again, this tincture has a very mild taste- almost unnoticed in the water. This is a great product to have on hand. Ingredients include Milky Oat tops, Linden leaf and flower, Passionflower aerials, Scullcap aerials, Hawthorne fruit, vegetable glycerin, rocky mountain spring water and organic gluten free alcohol.

On the whole, I really can’t recommend these products highly enough! If you’re experiencing stress of sleep issues in your pregnancy, grab some of these tinctures. And I’m pretty sure I’ll continue to use the belly oil for all of my pregnancies in the future. I love knowing that what I am using is top quality and natural- safe for baby & mommy!

While I did receive free product in exchange for my review, all opinions are wholly my own and I receive zero compensation from any sales through this review!

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