Our All-Natural Birth Plan

Our All-Natural Birth Plan

Given that our due date is so soon, we have been busy preparing for our baby to arrive! One of the most important tools, especially for achieving a natural birth, is having a birth plan written out, and going over the birth plan with anyone involved with your labor and delivery. Make sure especially that your husband and/or birth coach is very familiar with your wishes and can help you make decisions according to your plan, even if you aren’t fully capable of making them yourself at the time. You should include plans for your ideal birth, as well as plans for if complications arise for either you or the baby. Here is our plan (so far!)

Labor at home as long as possible (ideal departure: contractions 2-3min apart, lasting 1min)
Eat, drink, and move freely during labor as desired
As few internal checks as possible (none if allowed, one upon arrival is permissible)
Intermittent fetal monitoring only as truly needed
All interventions should be explained and we should be given time to discuss together
Available to labor in tub, on birth ball, birth stool, shower, toilet, outside
Utilize rebozo, oils, rice sock, massage, hot towels, homeopathics as needed

Push in whatever position is comfortable
Push with body’s prompting, not to timing
Free to deliver in water if desired
Perineal counter pressure, heat, oils- episiotomy only in absolutely emergent situation

Immediate skin to skin
No erythromycin or vaccinations will be given
Vit K will only be given if deemed necessary by birth, after discussion between midwife and Karli. Arnica will be used instead if possible.
No bath given- wipe off face and yucky bits, rub in vernix
No hat unless necessary by room temperature
No pacifier given whatsoever
Breastfeeding as soon as baby is ready
APGAR done on mother
Cord allowed to finish pulsing (minimum of 10 min), then be cut by Matt
Placenta delivered naturally, placed in refrigerator to be taken home and encapsulated
Sitz bath as soon as possible (may be once we get home- fine)
Baby will use cloth diapers only (with liner) all brought with us
Family allowed to return home as soon as possible

Only spinal anesthesia given
Shield lowered to see baby delivered
Cord allowed to stop pulsing, if possible
No erythromycin, vaccinations, Vit K only if deemed necessary
Skin to skin and breastfeeding ASAP
Room in with baby at all times

Breastfeed baby, expressed breastmilk if necessary
Free visitation by mother and father
Allowed skin to skin if possible
Parents handle as much of care as possible

Did you write out a birth plan? If not, do you wish you had? If so, is there anything additional you would include, or wish that you had included?

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  1. I hope your ideal birth happened for you! I had a midwife and though I didn’t write an official birth plan, everything went even better than expected, pretty much exactly as you described (not cesarean, or sick baby). What an amazing experience.

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