High Protein with NO Powder? You Got It!

One of the best arguments I have ever heard for a whole-foods diet is the Gorilla theory. Gorillas are the strongest mammals pound-for-pound on earth, and yet, they eat a completely vegan diet! Next time someone gives you a hard time about your diet, or questions the validity of (many) athletes who choose a plant-based diet, just throw that fact their way!

High Protein, No Powder:  Protein Bars and Smoothies Made with Real Food

While Tiffany Terczak’s new book, High Protein, No Powder, isn’t exclusively a plant-based recipe book, it is a really eye-opening read to see just how much protein can be packed into whole foods-based smoothies and protein bars! Tiffany’s recipes are not only based with accessible, affordable ingredients, but they are chock full of nutrients- in stark contrast with traditional protein powder-based shakes or ‘proprietary blend’ bars, which are full of chemicals and unpronounceable ingredients!

While I haven’t spent too much time making homemade protein bars (though I do every once in a while) I am definitely no stranger to the world of smoothies- my normal diet consists of a fresh juice-based smoothie each morning for breakfast. However delicious they usually are, Tiffany’s inventive recipes have me SO excited to get back into the groove of smoothie making- with a much higher nutrient density, thanks to these powerhouse recipes!

My favorite idea from the book is to add cottage cheese to a smoothie. I just discovered that I like cottage cheese since I’ve been pregnant- and the ‘cheesecake’ smoothie recipes, featuring this protein powerhouse, sound divine. Another super inventive way to sneak protein into your smoothie is by adding beans. Yes, beans! They add a creamy consistency and don’t augment the delicious flavor, either.

The best part about High Protein, No Powder is that the book explains not just the ‘what’ of real food protein, but the why. Tiffany breaks down the health risks of popular protein sources, ingredients lists of bars and powders alike, and shows you exactly why it’s better to source your protein from real food. The book is filled with many charts that detail the protein content of different foods, as well as photos of each recipe!

If you’re in a rut with commercial protein bars and powders, or you’re looking for inspiration to add more protein to your diet, this is definitely a great book to get you started. The recipes are easily adaptable for dairy-free and vegan diets (each smoothie includes a vegan recipe version) so don’t be scared off by my love for cottage cheese!

If you purchase the book this week, there are amazing discounts and special additions available to you! I have to recommend the ‘whole pie’ package, which includes the book PDF, Kindle files, printables, an additional recipe book about homemade ingredients, and a year’s subscription to all new recipes as well- all this for just $10 through January 14th! You can also get the PDF only for just $5– so worth it for the 150 pages of nutritious goodness you’ll get from this book. Enjoy!

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  1. Just going off your review because I trust your opinion I totally just got the “whole pie” package and can’t wait to check it all out! Excited to explore her website more too! We are really trying to make some solid changes this year!
    I also entered for the Blentec giveaway because lets face it, regular blenders are kind of useless. πŸ˜‰ lol

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