8 Items You MUST Get For Your Newborn

8 MUST HAVE ITEMS for your first week with your newborn!

Sure, every baby is different- but these are practical and so useful to us the first week or so that we had Hallelujah home! Hope this is helpful to you, too..

Fisher-Price Newborn Rock n’ Play Sleeper, My Little Snugabunny– This newer addition to the newborn accessory lineup came highly recommended to me, and the good words won’t stop with me, either. The Rock and Play Sleeper allows the newborn to feel cocooned, as the did in the womb, but also sleep on an incline. We swaddle her and then put her in- she loves it! She hasn’t slept a decent length of time anywhere else (besides my arms)- it’s like she needs that closeness. Also, it has a vibrate feature that is awesome for helping baby to sleep!

myBaby Soundspa– This genius little machine plays several different white noises, plus lullabies and heartbeat sounds, while also projecting rotating shapes onto the ceiling. We use the projection as a nightlight of sorts, but the white noise is the key- not only does it calm Halle, but it keeps us from hearing (and analyzing) her every breath, so we sleep better, too.

Aden and Anais Swaddle Blankets– Again, another item that came highly recommended that I absolutely love. These blankets are adorable, soft, and HUGE- perfect for swaddling, using as a nursing cover, or even a burp cloth.

Oils Diffuser– Also a hero during my labor, we diffuse a sleep/stress away blend called ‘Serenity’ during the night and it keeps us all relaxed. I don’t know that it necessarily makes the baby sleep better, but I know it helps me! We also diffuse an immunity and cleansing blend called OnGuard during the day, particularly when we have guests over.

Glass Water Bottle– I drink water like I can’t get enough these days- nursing makes me so thirsty! It’s important to stay hydrated, even throughout the night- and I’ve never had a harder time keeping my intake up than I do now. I keep my glass water bottle full beside me, and it comes with me wherever I go.

Medela Breast Shells– Breastfeeding is hard. Harder than you think, even if you think it will be hard. These shells go inside your bra and hold the clothing away from your nipples, allowing them to heal when they are likely to be sensitive. They can also help correct nipples that are flatter and harder for the baby to latch onto (I had one of those). These shells literally saved me nursing- they let my sore nipples heal and made them easy for Halle to grasp. Lifesavers- everyone should get these.

Button Down Nightgown– I got 2 (similar to these) at Target while I was pregnant and I absolutely love them. I just unbutton a button or two and whip out my boob, while the rest of me stays nice and warm. Super comfy and easy!

iPad and Hbogo/Netflix- There’s only so much that can be done with a baby on your boob. Hence, I have watched a decent amount of TV since the baby was born last week. We don’t have cable so I rely on apps on the iPad to get me by- HBO for The Newsroom, PBS for Downton Abbey, and Netflix for everything else.

One thought on “8 Items You MUST Get For Your Newborn

  1. We are so opposite! I wanted that vibrating chair so bad but my kids hated it. Just gave it to a friend. I seriously needed nothing besides:
    Nursing pads
    Burp cloths
    Zip up sleepers

    Seriously; didn’t need anything else. (Well diapers, duh)

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