DO ONE THING: Snack Smart

DO ONE THING: Snack Smart | small changes for great health

Welcome back to my “DO ONE THING” series! We’re looking at small changes that we can make for great health impact. If you’d like to read the rest of the series, you can do that HERE.

Today we’re talking about that little thing that can put a big obstacle in your diet- snacking. The truth is, snacking doesn’t have to be something to feel guilty about- in fact, if done correctly, it can boost your metabolism, raise energy levels, and add to your overall nutrition throughout the day!

The problem is that most of us reach for convenient, prepackaged snacks to do the job. These are often highly processed foods, full of chemicals and preservatives and other additives that destroy our health. What’s even crazier about this is that foods that help boost our health can be just as convenient, it only takes a little planning!

Having a small snack both at late morning and late afternoon (between your normal meals) can actually keep your metabolism from dipping, which helps keep your digestive system flowing and supports more active calorie burn. In addition, snacks that are high in protein or sustaining carbs (like oatmeal) will balance your blood sugar and provide you with lasting energy to keep you going throughout the day!

Think about swapping out your normal snack for some of these:

almonds or other nuts
a whole-foods protein bar (homemade if you can!)
trail mix
yogurt or kefir
dried fruit
small portion of oatmeal (old-fashioned or steel cut is best)
pepper sticks
popcorn (popped at home with coconut oil if you can!)
cucumber slices
peanut butter
roasted chickpeas or edamame

At the beginning of the week, take 15 minutes and prep your snacks for the next few days. Slice up vegetables, portion out hummus or peanut butter, and make portioned baggies to take on the go with you. This few minutes of grunt work will have you feeling so much better physically, and you’ll be snacking guilt-free, too!

What’s your favorite healthy snack? Do you ‘snack prep’, too?

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