Babywearing Basics: The Stretchy Wrap

Babywearing Basics | Stretchy Wraps

Welcome back to my Babywearing Basics series! If you’re joining us for the first time, you can catch the rest of the series HERE.

Today we are talking about stretchy wraps! While I don’t use this carrier all that much anymore, I really loved it when Hallelujah was little. The soft, stretchy material is great for snuggling a little newborn down into a pocket- it’s very soothing for the baby, and easy for you, too! I particularly loved wearing Halle in the Moby Wrap around the house and at church when she was little. She would fall right to sleep and I could enjoy the service or relax around the house!

A stretchy wrap is just like it sounds- a very long piece of stretchy, soft material that wraps around your body and creates a pocket for the baby. There are several different popular brands: Moby Wrap, Boba Wrap, and Infantino Sync are probably the most popular.

For those overwhelmed by the fabric and wrapping aspect, the Baby K’Tan is a great alternative, offering many of the benefits of a stretchy wrap, but comes already formed and sized to your needs. I know several people that swear by their Baby K’tans!

The stretchy wrap is a great addition to your newborn care routine, especially if you are practicing “fourth trimester” suggestions. The baby is snuggled in nice and warm, close to your heart- breathing you in and feeling your heartbeat. The baby is soothed by your gentle everyday motions- it feels like they are back in the womb! (Note: if you haven’t read Happiest Baby on the Block, do it! It was the most helpful book I read about newborns!)

I had a black Moby Wrap, and I really did love it. While I do reach for other carriers more frequently now, it was my absolute favorite when Hallelujah was small!

Here’s some things to think about if you are considering a stretchy wrap:


Very comfortable for longer stretches
Great for tiny babies- has a good “womb” feeling
Very elegant look- nice for church, weddings, etc
Very adjustable- wraps to your body size
Comes in variety of colors
Can be purchased in organic cotton
Fairly easy to take baby in and out
With practice, easy to nurse in


Stretchiness makes it more difficult to use as babies get bigger- don’t hold as well
Can be very overwhelming- takes practice to wrap quickly and properly
Not very portable- takes up a lot of room in diaper bag
Only a few holds that are appropriate for stretchy material
Not easily transferred to other caregivers- have to learn to wrap well first
Some may not feel completely secure- need to always keep hand on baby

On the whole, I highly suggest getting a stretchy wrap for the first few months of your baby’s life! They will love it, and so will you. Come back next week and see what my favorite long-wear carrier is- it’s my husband’s favorite, too!

Have you used a stretchy wrap before? How long did your baby enjoy it/ fit in it?

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