Redeeming Easter Traditions (plus Resurrection Eggs project!)

Redeeming Easter Traditions | FREE Resurrection Eggs Printable! | Feed Me Mama

Editor’s Note: Today’s post is written by Kathleen Willet, a dear friend of mine. Kat and her husband, Jeremy, adopted their son, Evans, from Ghana this past year, and are in process to adopt their daughter from Ethiopia this spring! You can read more about their family and ministry right here. Kat and Jeremy are great examples of parenting with intentionality and they are constantly seeking to redeem the things of the world for the glory of Christ. I’ve asked Kat to begin contributing a monthly column on mindful, Kingdom-centered parenting, and this is her first post! Thanks, Kat!

This is our first Easter being home with our son Evans from Ghana. Last year, we were able to celebrate the resurrection of our Savior in Ghana by attempting to dye our brown eggs from the local market and attending our first church service as a family of three. There are quite a few things different with this Easter as we are here in the states! So many things are associated with the U.S. celebration of Easter:

  • Good Friday service
  • Easter Sunday service
  • Visiting with family
  • Dyeing Easter eggs
  • Easter egg hunts
  • New Easter outfit
  • Easter baskets
  • The Easter bunny

…I must say, I am very much overwhelmed and missing the simplicity and focused reality of Easter! Now, I am not saying that any of these ways of celebrating Easter is wrong, it’s just our family always tries to be extremely intentional with our decisions, and when Easter comes around, we view that as a time to reflect and remember the sacrifice and resurrection of our Lord.

Before kids, Jeremy (my husband) and I would celebrate Easter by attending a Good Friday service and an Easter Morning service, as well as making sure to visit both sides of the family. Having a child now is making us truly think about what we want our children to relate with Easter as they grow up. Our goal is for our children to grow up knowing the true meaning behind each holiday and celebrate each holiday as The Lord leads.

We don’t want our children feeling deprived, left out, or secluded from the world, so we chose to look at different Easter traditions and see how we can be more intentional with how we celebrate. Here’s a few things we are going to try:

Dyeing Eggs with Natural Dyes

We have 7 chickens in our backyard, so we are looking forward to dyeing their eggs! A few dyes we are going to try are red beets, frozen cherries, chili powder, tumeric and red cabbage. If this sounds exciting to you as well you can visit this site and get more detailed instructions. There are all natural dying kits available, but if you have the time and resources, why not experiment and let the kids truly see where these dyes are coming from? 🙂

An Easter Basket

Since we don’t encourage the consumption of sweets with Evans, we are going to do a fun alternative. I found a wooden vegetable crate with plush vegetables online and we are also going to fill the crate with fun things like balloons, a ball, a book and bubbles. SSHHH don’t tell Evans☺.

Resurrection Eggs

Redeeming Easter Traditions & Resurrection Egg Project | Feed Me Mama

This is one of the things I am most excited about trying! I had never heard of this project before, and when I found it I was so excited and eager to start this tradition with Evans and our children to come. I found many places that sell Resurrection Egg kits, but because I had the time and resources, I decided to create them myself. I saved lots of money, and its was fun running around the house trying to find string and tying toothpicks together to resemble a cross!

You’ll need:

  • 12 plastic eggs
  • Permanent marker
  • Optional- Stickers or washi tape, or other decorative things for the eggs (you can even decorate the eggs as a family)
  • Printed or handwritten scripture cards (use our printable at the bottom of the post!)
  • Symbols for each day

Day 1: Matthew 26:39 (Tiny plastic communion cup)
Day 2: Matthew 26:14-15 (3 Coins)
Day 3: Matthew 27:1-2 (Piece of knotted string)
Day 4: Matthew 27:24-26 (Piece of soap)
Day 5: Matthew 27:28-30 (Piece of red fabric)
Day 6: Matthew 27:31-32 (Small toothpick cross and tiny nail)
Day 7: Matthew 27:35 (Pair of dice)
Day 8: Matthew 27:50-51,54 (Small bag of crushed rock/soil)
Day 9: Matthew 27:57-60 (Square of white cloth/linen)
Day 10: Matthew 27:60,65-66 (Small stone)
Day 11: Matthew 28:2,5 (Clove and cinnamon stick)
Day 12: Matthew 28:6 (Empty)

Number the eggs from 1 to 12. In each egg, place the Scripture card and corresponding symbol. Each day (beginning 12 days before Easter) open an egg with your child and discuss the meaning of the Scripture and symbol. You can even hide the egg in the house and have your child search for it each day! On Easter morning, the egg they open should be empty, representing the empty tomb.

I am so excited to start this new tradition with Evans, making the death and resurrection of our Lord the main focus at Easter. This is a great way to foster intentional conversation within your family and build anticipation to Resurrection Sunday.

How have your celebrations changed as your family has grown? What traditions do you celebrate during the Easter season with your family?

resurrection egg printable

One thought on “Redeeming Easter Traditions (plus Resurrection Eggs project!)

  1. How beautiful to see young Moms starting traditions with their little ones that build them up spiritually and carry the true messege behind the holiday. I have been using the resurrection eggs for years. My grandchildren share in the tradition! After our family dinner I hold the basket on my lap and each grandchild takes a turn to randomly choose an egg and then tells everyone the significance of what is hidden in the egg! I love all of your ideas, Kat!

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