10 Things We Can’t Live Without (3 Months Old!)

10 thing We Can't Live Without for our 3 Month Old 3 months

Hello friends!

We celebrated sweet Hallelujah‘s 3 month birthday this past week, and I thought I would share what some of our favorite things are these days. She’s definitely grown into an infant now- no longer a newborn, and her interests and needs have definitely changed!

If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a thousand times- Halle is an amazing baby, and I am totally spoiled and ruined for my future children should they be anything but good like her. She still wakes up every 2-3 hours at night to nurse (which I expect at 3 months old) but she naps great during the day, nurses like it’s her job, smiles and coos ALL THE TIME, loves to be worn, and even tolerated a 14 hour roadtrip with (mostly) smiles this past week. She’s obsessed with chewing on her hands, laughing at my silly songs, and pulling on my hair (hello, Permabun!). I could never have imagined this kind of love!

So, what you’ve been waiting for- our list of must-haves for a 3-month-old!

Wubbanub– If you’ve never seen these, they are super adorable and make finding a dropped or thrown pacifier a breeze- especially at night or int he car! A Soothie pacifier is attached to a small stuffed animal that is perfectly weighted to keep itself near your babe’s mouth, even if they let go of the pacifier itself. We have two, they have names, and we all totally love them.

Ergo baby carrier– I have sung the praises of the Ergo many times, and it continues to be a lifesaver for both myself and my husband- he wears it, too! They are completely worth the investment. If you need more information about soft structured carriers, you can see this past week’s post here.

Hyland’s Colic Calm Tablets– I was a believer in homeopathy before I had Halle, but I definitely am now that I’ve seen it’s effects on her! Whenever she seems to have gas or a tummy ache, we give her one of these tablets and she is usually almost immediately happy or will fall asleep. Totally worth it for a few dollars a bottle.

The Bumbo seat. Okay, I know that in crunchy mama circles, the jury is out on the validity of the Bumbo so I’m not gonna go into the supposed developmental benefits. I wear my child 80% of the time, but sometimes I need a break- and if she’s awake, she loves to sit in her Bumbo and look around. We eat breakfast and read the Bible together this way every morning!

Seventh Generation baby wipes– we’re slowly transitioning to cloth wipes, but disposables are just easier on-the-go. I’ve tried a few natural brands of wipes, and my favorite is definitely Seventh Generation. They aren’t too soapy but not too dry either; no parabens, fragrances, or dyes. It’s not a square of flannel and castile soap, but it works for us when we’re out.

My doTerra Family Physicial Kit– Again, I’ve sung the praises before, but we truly use this every single day. Halle gets OnGuard on her feet every morning, DigestZen on her belly when she has a tummy ache, Lavender in her bathwater, and Breathe on her chest if she seems congested (all diluted properly, of course). For more information on Essential Oils, click here.

Little hanging toys on the car seat. Distraction is a great thing for my little one who hates car rides and screams for at least the first 10 minutes!

Medela Calma bottle– the only one my little love will take. She only gets a bottle when I’m gone over a feeding time (so, 3 times in her life), but knowing that we have a bottle that she’s okay with makes it easier for me to leave.

Hudson Baby Organic Onesies– These are so adorable, what with their little vegetable puns and organic cotton and super cheap price tag. I’m not ashamed to say that I want them all.

How To Raise a Healthy Child…In Spite of Your Doctor. I’m slowly working through this book, written by a pediatrician, and it’s really opening my eyes to the world of children’s healthcare and how dependent we have become on doctors. This is not a hate letter to healthcare professionals; rather, it’s a call to parents to educate themselves and make conscious decisions for the health of their families.

And a bonus- my iPad and my Ultimate Homemaking Bundle books. This bundle is for sale starting on Wednesday and it is AMAZING! Over $1000 worth of books, courses, and bonuses and it’s all available for just $29.97. I can’t put my advance copy down- there’s some especially great baby and parenting books in this one!

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