5 Tips For Hiking With A Baby

5 Tips For Hiking With A Baby

This weekend, my husband and I took our 3 month old daughter on her very first hike! I like hiking, but this is something that my husband absolutely loves, so it was a very special day for him as well. Hiking and outdoor exploring are great ways to spend time together and enjoy God’s creation as a family. It was a beautiful day here in Maryland, so after lunch we set out on our journey!

Pretty much as soon as we got to the park, I realized that there was a lot to think about for the day- I had forgotten sunscreen and snacks, and left my water bottle in the car. However, I wasn’t the most unprepared person in the woods that day- we actually ran into a couple who were pushing their baby in a stroller, trying to cross a stream! I thought to myself, “there’s better ways to do this than fighting with a stroller in a stream”. And with that, I give you my 5 tips for hiking with a baby!

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