4 Easy Steps to Starting With Cloth Diapers

4 Easy Steps to Get Started With Cloth Diapers

Hello, my friends! From baby wearing to intentional parenting to essential oils, we’ve got a lot of series’ going on here at Feed Me Mama! Today, I would like to introduce one more to you: Cloth Diaper Basics! Cloth diapering is one of the most rewarding choices I have made so far for my daughter, but I know that it can be a very overwhelming choice in the beginning. Over the next month or so, we will be looking at different types of diapers, common issues, and the best places to find diapers on a budget. But, for today, we will answer everyone’s first question: Where do I start?

Cloth Diaper Guide

Get a crash course on the basics.

A little googling and blog-reading will show you the different types of diapers- we are going to be profiling some of them in the next few weeks. For a little overview, you can read into my decision to use cloth diapers here.

Take a look at your family’s lifestyle.

There are many different kinds of diapers, and each lends itself to a particular family style or need. Pockets and All-In-Ones are great for families where cloth diapers may be a bit foreign, as they are the most like regular diapers. Likewise, prefold diapers are the most economical, making them a great pick for a family on a tight budget. If you are concerned with eco-friendliness, there are several options for you as well. If you’re on the go a lot and need to be able to change quickly, maybe a hybrid diaper with flushable liners is a good idea for you. Look at what stands out in your mind as a reason to cloth diaper or something that is important in your family, and keep that in mind.

Cloth Diaper Guide

Get advice from veteran cloth diapering families…

…and don’t just ask the moms! Dad’s opinion is important, too. If you know families that use cloth diapers, ask them what they like and don’t like, what they would do differently, what their favorite kind of diaper is. Some families prefer velcro, others like snaps, still others pins or snappis. Their reasoning might help you see the advantages of a certain type for your family, too.

Finally, read this book.

This has been my go-to resource for all of my cloth diapering questions! You really could skip most of the other suggestions in this post and just read this 🙂 From detergent recommendations and money-savings breakdowns to overviews of the different types of diapers and everything in between, Confessions of a Cloth Diaper Convert will win you over and have you feeling confident in no time!

What questions do you have about cloth diapering? Leave them in the comments so they can be answered later on in the series!

Cloth Diaper Guide

2 thoughts on “4 Easy Steps to Starting With Cloth Diapers

  1. Thanks Karli! I’m considering switching to cloth when kid 3 comes along (not pregnant:) just sick of buying diapers! So mostly I want to do it for budget reasons. Although I have many friends who do cloth and have told me about them, I’m still curious about the nitty gritty of washing/cleaning the diapers. I mean is it really as easy as people make it seem?? The idea of poop in my washing machine just seems gross to me. And how often are we talking about washing? Bc my Landry is in the basement 2 floors down and I don’t even like going down there once a wk as it is haha. Anyway those are my concerns. Oh and also, what about nursery workers? How can you make it easy for childcare workers and babysitters to do it bc I’d rather not do disposable when we were out etc. Looking forward to future posts!


    1. Jo- that’s really a lot fo the reason we do cloth, too. I can’t afford to NOT do cloth 🙂 For right now, I do a load of diapers every three days- One cold wash cycle (no detergent- to remove pee and poo), One hot wash with detergent (to wash and sanitize), a second hot wash without detergent (to remove detergent residue), and then dry on ultralow. My laundry is very convenient though so it definitely doesn’t feel like a big deal at all to me! And, since she is EBF, poop is still all liquid. Maybe it’ll get messier as we introduce solids, but for now it’s not big deal. We do have a diaper sprayer for when she starts having more solid poop- but more on that later.

      We have pocket diapers which are basically just like disposables, but with snaps. We bring a wet bag with us, dirty diapers go in there. So far, nobody watched her has had any issues because they are so similar!

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