The Secret is Out…

So, I have something I need to tell you.

It’s been no secret that the blog has been a bit….lackluster as of late. Yes, I moved halfway across the country and I’m adjusting to being a farm wife and a stay-at-home-mama to the most adorable 7.5 month old ever (who said mama for the first time yesterday, by the way). Yes, I am running my own at-home business that’s doubling our income. But that’s not my big secret.

You see… I wrote a book.

For you!

Yes you, mama. You who like the looks of natural parenting but don’t know where to begin. You who has seen cloth diapers but feels a little overwhelmed, who likes the sound of natural birth but everyone you know had an epidural, you who looks at a woven wrap like it’s a rubik’s cube. I wrote it for you.

Crash Course in Natural Parenting COVER

My new book is called “Crash Course in Natural Parenting”, and it’s exactly what it sounds like: a brief but down-to-business overview of many of the trends and choices that naturally-minded parents make. It’s short. It’s sweet. You can read it in an afternoon, and not just if you’re a fast reader 😉

Each chapter tackles one aspect of natural parenting, starting from natural fertility all the way through maintaining a green lifestyle within your family for years to come. Here’s just a sampling of the topics covered in Crash Course:

Natural Pregnancy
Natural Birth
Baby-Led Weaning
Cloth Diapers
Placenta Encapsulation
Newborn Decisions
Safe Co-Sleeping
Alternative Medicine
Essential Oils
Thrift-Store Shopping
Healthy Diet

The book is meant to kick-start you on your journey to natural parenting. It presents all of the options for you, and lets you decide what appeals to you. Definitely getting an epidural? Don’t worry. there’s still plenty for you to read. Love your disposable diapers? Keep on reading! Pro-meds or pro-vax? Both sides of the story are presented.

I am passionate about natural parenting, and I want to help you and your family discover that same joy. My hope is that Crash Course in Natural Parenting will be the catalyst for helping you discover the connection between parenting and nature, and help you dive deeper into the things that spark your interest!

save the date

Crash Course in Natural Parenting isn’t available yet- the official release date is OCTOBER 1ST, 2014! But, you’ll get a chance to get it early- and maybe even for free! Come back tomorrow to find out how….

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