A Farm Mama’s Little Beauty Secret

I like having pretty nails.

Yes, I preach simplicity and frugality and Christlike femininity- and I don’t think that any of those are discounted here. I don’t have an addiction to expensive manicures that fill my lungs with chemicals and empty my bank account. Nope, wrong blog.

I just…. I like my nails to be pretty!

But you know what? I’m a MOM.

And I’m BUSY.


So my nails? Gross. Total afterthought. Always broken and chipping and dirty. We farm girls call it the “farmicure”- it looks like a french manicure with dark tips, except it’s actually just dirt under your nails. I know, REAL CUTE.

This is my life.


Yes, Jamberry Nail Wraps. You’ve heard of them, yes? Well, for good reason. These little gems are transforming the nails of mamas everywhere. You are still skeptical? Well, I was too…

So, yes. I am a mom, and a farm wife, and all that those things entail- diapers, dishes, groceries, bills, cooking, the occasional planting, washing really dirty laundry. But, I’m also a blogger and I run a successful business from my home- which has me working several hours a day, while my little love is sleeping, typing away on my computer. All of these things have it out for my nails- and they were winning. I can’t find a polish that will last more than a day without chipping. Even the few times that I’ve been blessed with a fancy set of gel nails at a salon, I hardly get more than 2 or 3 days without chips- hardly worth the money.

Knowing how much I loved having my nails pretty and yet seeing my frustration at the wasted effort as they were quickly ruined, the promise of “14 chip-free days” that Jamberry made appealed to me instantly. I was sent some samples to put to the test! (you can get a free sample this week by joining our party on Facebook!)


These are my nails on day 1. Yes, you have to apply them yourself, which can be a little tedious- but Jamberry lays out the steps clearly for you, and the whole process doesn’t take longer than half an hour. The best part- they aren’t wet. EVER. So if your sweet little wakes up mid-application? No big deal. Pick it up at your next nap time. I was thrilled with how these turned out, and I just used the tools that I had at home- a blow drier, nail file, and some scissors (not even nail-specific ones).  Best part? THIS is how much I have left after this manicure! SO MUCH LEFT!


Here are my nails on day 16- yes, two days longer than the promised 2 weeks. Really, I took them off because I wanted to change them. They still looked great and would’ve lasted MUCH longer. I love them- and I am hooked!


The dealbreaker for me about Jamberry wraps, though, is the price- just $15 for a sheet, and then if you buy 3 sheets, you get 1 FREE. So, 4 sheets for $45, and each sheet gives you 2-3 manicures average- I fins it will give me 4-5! So you’re talking anywhere from 8-20 manicures for $45. HELLO FRUGAL BEAUTY JACKPOT!

Even more frugal? Getting them for free…which you can, if you win my giveaway! YAY! You can find me giving away sheets on my Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts! Get to it, y’all!

You can also get more information about Jamberry, free samples, and enter to win even MORE free stuff over at my pop-up Jamberry Party! Thanks to Megan Dequine of CA for setting up this great opportunity and being an incredible consultant. Also, if you’re in FL, look up my sweet SIL Monica Von Herbulis- she’s selling, too!

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