A Necklace for Teething Pain? Seriously? {a skeptic’s review of baltic amber}

amber necklaces review

“It all seems a little hocus-pocus if you ask me.”

I remember saying those word sot my husband as we strolled through a local natural medicine store. Shelves full of pretty rocks had caught my eye- and as I looked closer, I learned that these treasures were actually crystals used for their certain powers and characteristics they possess. Some would bring you courage, others would increase productivity, still others would help you embrace positivity. He who possessed the crystals had the powers. “This is weird… I can’t get into this.”

That slightly-creeped-out feeling followed me into the early stages of my pregnancy, where I was first exposed to the therapeutic use of Baltic Amber to treat teething pain in infants. The premise of a certain type of stone being able to take away my baby’s pain hearkened me back to the pretty shelves of rocks that promised to make my dreams come true. I was NOT HAVING ANY PART OF IT.

And yet… more and more mothers, whose opinions I respected, seemed to be turning to these amber necklaces and having good results! “The placebo effect doesn’t exist in babies,” a friend told me, “they can’t fool themselves into thinking something works. It either helps, or it doesn’t- and this definitely does!”

So, reluctantly, I put some baltic amber jewelry on my baby registry- and I was blessed with both a necklace and a bracelet! Of course, being a first-time-mom and believing that, given the right tools, I could forgo the horrible months of teething altogether, sweet Hallelujah was christened with her amber at the first sign of teething- a bit of drool and putting things in her mouth around 3 months old.

Now, of course, I realize that she wasn’t teething at all- rather, she was simply experiencing a normal developmental milestone for her age and experiencing the world with her mouth! So, off came the amber, and we continued on with our lives.

Flash forward several months and a cross-country move later, and Halle is SCREAMING for an entire day. Make that almost a week. Why? I have no idea. Until one afternoon, when I swipe her mouth after she inevitably puts something in it, and a small sharp something grazes my finger…


Yes, at 7 months old, an adorable, solitary little tooth had made it’s entrance into the world. Into my world. Into my daughter’s mouth, causing her great pain. Causing her to SCREAM ALL WEEK! It all made sense now! But… where was the amber? I knew I had seen it somewhere int he move….right?

Finally, after about an hour’s frantic search, I found it. The glorious, golden necklace of supposed promise. I clasped it carefully around her neck and waited for the screams to continue. I even walked to the bathroom and grabbed the Lavender oil to apply to calm her down…

….but nothing happened.

There were no more screams. Ever. Even as I write this, weeks later, she’s not once screamed out of pain (and mamas, you know that you can tell the difference). Oh my, did I just become a believer in these amber necklaces?

Yes, friends. Yes I did.

So, let’s talk about how this stuff actually works. First of all, baltic amber isn’t actually a stone, it’s a resin. Like pine sap or maple syrup, when it hardens it forms a resin? Same kind of deal. So, when your sweet one wears the baltic amber jewelry on their skin, it is warmed ever so slightly. When this happens, it begins to break down- not nearly enough to feel sticky or like it’s disintegrating, but enough to release some therapeutic benefits onto your child’s skin and, subsequently, into their bloodstream.

One of these therapeutic benefits is the release of a substance called succinic acid. This acid, present in amber in up to 8% by weight, has a gentle analgesic effect, relieving the pain that the baby is experiencing.

Pretty cool, huh?

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