My Summer Reading List

Behold, my (ambitious) summer reading list! I’m already chipping away at a few of these, but it will likely take me to the end of the year to finish them all. Have you read any of them?

Cultivate by Lara Casey. I am midway through this one and I am loving it- it’s especially wonderful for us women who are feeling pulled between motherhood and other talents/skills and how the heck we honor the Lord through different seasons and make what matters happen- whatever that is.

Only Love Today. I’ve loved Rachel Macy Stafford’s last few books- they have challenged me to my core as a mother to be present with my family and to take big, bold steps to having an unplugged life that honors my children. I can’t wait to read her next one!


Harry Potter… my goal for 2017 is to finish reading the Harry Potter series. I just started the Order of the Phoenix!

Americanah. I actually don’t know anything about this book, other than it’s been critically acclaimed and on a number of “must read” “best book” lists, so I decided to add it to mine. Anyone read it yet?

Dancing in the Glory of Monsters– this book is a popular one here in the East Africa expat community, as it details a lot of history of the region, particularly Congo. It’s been recommended to me several times, and I finally got my hands on a copy.

At Home In The World- confession, I actually just finished this one. It’s fabulous and you should download it ASAP. It’s inspiring and fun to read and now I want to travel the world with my kids!

The Handmaid’s Tale– another one I don’t know a ton about (and I haven’t watched the series either) but it keeps showing up/people keep recommending it to me. I love dystopian fiction and apparently this fits the bill….

Little Women. I’m trying to read more classics and my BFF got me this one for my birthday! And the cover is by Rifle Paper Co, so, duh. I wanna read it. 🙂

Of Mess and Moxie. Jen Hatmaker forever. This doesn’t release until August but I’m grateful to have gotten an advance copy and it is SO good, y’all. I have laughed out loud so many times, and I’m an internal processor, so that’s saying something. I’ve been encouraged and challenged and you just need to read it! So much good! PREORDERS NOW AVAILABLE. HOLLA!

Last Child in the Woods. This has been on my shelf FOREVER but especially as we look to the future and dream about what we want life to look like for our kids as they get older, I think I need to read this to help solidify my parenting principles 🙂

BONUS: The Bible. Specifically, this one. I just got it and I love it. My goal is to finish before my 30th birthday, so I gave myself a year! Really though, if you’re looking for a new Bible, these are beautiful and affordable.

So there you have it- my ambitious summer reading list- spanning fiction, history, encouragement, parenting, and beyond. Are any of these on your list? What are you looking to read this summer?

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