5-Minute Self Care Fixes To Do RIGHT NOW

Self care is sooooo tricky, right? Especially for us young mamas with young babies- finding time to take care of ourselves is so so important, but also SO difficult! Why?

I think sometimes we assume that self care has to be done in large time chunks- a few hours at the spa, a netflix binge, time to read a few chapters of a book, or an early breakfast alone. But let me tell you- that stuff is just not always possible often enough to keep me sane. I’m lucky if I can get one solid chunk of time alone a week- and that’s just not enough for me to keep my wits about me.

So, I’ve had to get creative- and really good at taking tiny chunks of time and using them intentionally to feed my soul. Today, I’m sharing a few of my favorite ways to take care of myself, in five minutes or less. I do most of these every day!


Now, before you give me the side eye and reach for your dry shampoo, I’m not talking about full on showering. Let’s be realistic- that just doesn’t happen every day and it certainly doesn’t happen in five minutes. But y’all, the art of the quick rinse off- I’m talking strip, get wet, soap up real quick, rinse off and get back out- has transformed my life. It can happen with kids on the bathroom floor and it still changes my attitude. I also like to rub an uplifting or grounding essential oil blend, like Citrus Bliss or Balance, into my wet skin quickly before I dry off. Instant mood change!


One of the most obvious changes I have made to my daily routine since moving to Africa is putting on makeup every day- especially lipstick. I never used to wear it! But something about putting on makeup quickly each morning helps me feel prepared, intentional, and like I’m doing something just for myself. I’ve fallen in love with Lipsense this year, and I find myself reaching for my lippies usually in the morning when I need a pick-me-up. It’s a confidence booster for sure, and it’s fun! Plus, I can put on lipstick in the morning and not worry about it until after dinner. Win!


One of my new favorite things is the Headspace App. There are SO many guided meditations available, and even some for kids! When I start to feel overwhelmed, I will give the kids a snack or get my husband to watch them for a second and go do a five minute meditation. It’s so helpful in resetting my heart and changing my attitude. I love using some of doTERRA’s emotional aromatherapy blends to support these mood changes, too- Cheer and Peace are two favorites!

4. TEA

Yes, TEA. Not coffee. I mean, trust me, I drink my fair share of coffee, but for self care- I go to tea. Why? Coffee- my first and real true love- starts to feel very utilitarian when I’m in a funk. “First I drink the coffee, then I do the things”. Right? I need it to survive. For self care, though, I make myself a cup of tea- nourishing both soul and body, not necessary to function like coffee can be, but still something special for myself. Even if I have to reheat it four times before I drink it all! This one’s my favorite these days!


Here’s one I’m trying to get better at- when I am feeling overwhelmed or claustrophobic, going outside- especially barefoot in the grass- for a few minutes can do wonders to clear the brain and bring peace and grounding to our spirits. I’ve found that my kids can be pretty receptive to this, too- laying in the grass and staring at the sky can be super fun for them!


This might seem silly, but “getting dressed” to me often means pulling on some leggings with the shirt I slept in and calling it a day. No, that’s not what I mean! Taking a few minutes each day to get dressed and intentionally put together an outfit does wonders for my focus, productivity, and confidence. I tend to overdress for my day- so, a skirt or dress for a day at home even, thanks Lularoe- and I never regret it.


This might be the type A in me talking, but sometimes I just need to see blank spaces in my home- and by sometimes, I mean all the time. Tables, countertops, a made bed- all a reflection of the state of my brain. When I need to quickly do something to reset my day and refresh my spirit, I often look at my space and pick one to “clear”- and the results are astounding for me. I find I am easily overstimulated (just me? no?) and this is an easy way to calm some of the visual chaos.


Often, when self care is the farthest from my brain, so is any semblance of organization. I recently started using a Sacred Ordinary Days planner, and it’s helped me a TON with identifying priorities and being intentional with my time. Taking five minutes to plan my day and identify where to put my energy is KEY, and is a crucial way I’m taking care of myself these days!

Each of these five minute fixes is something I am actively trying to incorporate into my day- but I am always looking for new ideas! What’s your go-to quick self care move? Share in the comments!

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