A Stay At Home Mom’s Secret to Getting In Workouts

I’ve always wanted to be one of those girls who really, really loves exercising and finds it extremely life giving and fits it in at all costs.

I am not that girl.

Instead, I’m the one that typically goes weeks without exercising, only to realize “oh, maybe I should move my body?” and then to subsequently realize that I literally don’t have time. I’ve tried things to get creative over the years, and gotten into semi-rhythms for seasons, but I’ve never found anything that’s really stuck.

Why? Because life DOESN’T EVER STAY THE SAME. And neither do my needs and desires when it comes to exercise.

A few weeks ago I discovered Aaptiv (a friend used this app for training for a half marathon) and I was really intrigued- it bills itself as the “Netflix of workouts”. Initially, this wasn’t super appealing to me because I live in Rwanda and I can’t stream anything, ha! But I decided to look around and check out the workouts anyway (they are all audio only, so it doesn’t use too much data) and grabbed a free trial.

Y’all, there is SO much on this app! Possibly my favorite thing is their Maternity program- which also has stroller workouts! I did one and it was awesome. The best part- you can download it and use it offline (huge for me, since I need internet for anything to work here!) There are workouts broken down by trimester. It’s legit and I REALLY wish I’d known about it last year when I was pregnant with Shep!

Other than the maternity program- there are TONS of different programs for literally any type of fitness you’d like to try- yoga, pilates, HIIT, training programs, and more. You can search by a bunch of different criteria- break down by type, by workout length, by skill level, or even classes by a certain trainer.

Searching by workout length? GAME CHANGER. I was able to fit in multiple workouts (when I typically would have just scrolled Insta) just by hitting “15 min or less” on yoga. Perfect for when both kids are sleeping…but for how long? You know the feeling!

On the whole- I am SUPER happy I discovered Aaptiv and I love that I’m getting workouts in without having to rearrange my whole day or get childcare or something like that. It’s the perfect solution for stay at home mamas, but really for anyone looking for a variety of fitness options for not very much money. Plus, you can get a FREE 30 day trial with the code “BURPEES” right now! You’re welcome 😉

Tell me- what kind of fitness routine do you have? What’s your secret to fitting workouts in? I need to know!

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